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Codegate 2014: "Web Proxy" 200 pts

We were given a web application with a proxy functionality. 

In the response from the server a comment can be found which contains the link where the flag might be:

<!-- admin/index.php -->

The request type is “GET” and it has one parameter named “url”.


The value of the “url” parameter is filtered. The server doesn’t accept words such as:

“php”, "//", “”, “” 

as values. If the value sent to the server matches one of the words above the following message is retrieved as response:
After a little research I found out that it can be possible to use the other three representations of an IP. I made a script that transforms an IP in DWORD, HEXA and OCTAL representations and below is our way to bypass IP.
But there was one more problem: how to bypass the word “php”. The solution was simple. I used it plenty of times to bypass XSS filteres: I used double URL encoding to write the world “php” as “%2570hp” or “ph%2570”, etc.
Knowing how to bypass the filter in the backend I made the following value which I inserted in the url parameter:


The response was 200 ok, but it wasn’t the entire response.

As it can be seen, only a part of the response was revealed, only 2 lines. So I verified if it is possible to insert other parameters in the request header. I tried with “%0d%0a” and it worked. So I attached to my url the following:


The response from the server was:


I changed the word “localhost” with “hackme” and I decreased the range.


Then I sent the following request:


And in the response was our flag:
Password is WH0_IS_SnUS_bI1G_F4N

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